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Information about Adoption


Uncontested Step-Parent Adoption:

An uncontested step parent adoption is possible where the noncustodial parent is willing to have their parental rights terminated and agrees to the child being adopted by the step parent. The noncustodial parent must be willing to sign consent forms to allow the adoption. Under such circumstances, it is important to proceed with an adoption so that the step parent has legal recognition as the child’s parent. Without this legal status, the noncustodial parent may be able to assert his or her rights as a parent should the primary parent become incapacitated.

A Consent is a legal document that identifies the child and indicates that the parent is voluntarily giving up their parent/child relationship to that child. The Consent also states that the parent is signing freely and with full knowledge of the legal impact of signing the document. The Consent must be signed by a birth parent in front of a Notary Public and in front of a Witness; it can be revoked by the birth parent any time before it is approved by the Court. A child 14 years of age or older must also give written consent to be adopted by the step parent.

Before the adoption can be finalized, a social worker must interview the family and prepare a Post-Placement Report. This report is filed with the court. The Report communicates the family history, the reasons for seeking adoption, the resources for the child and the social worker’s recommendations. A court appointed social worker will also independently verify that the noncustodial parent’s consent was provided voluntarily.

Through adoption, the child’s legal name can be changed. When the adoption is finalized, the step parent may be put on the birth certificate in place of the terminated birth parent. Once the adoption is finalized, the terminated birth parent will no longer owe child support but will still be responsible for any back child support incurred up to the time of the final adoption.

Adult Adoption:

Any competent person over the age of 18 can chose to be adopted. Consent shall be required from the adopter(s) as well as the adult adoptee. There is no requirement that the biological parent(s) receive notice of the intended adult adoption and consent from the biological parent(s) is unnecessary. Like other forms of adoption, the adult adoptee can chose to have their legal name changed and may have a new birth certificate issued listing the adopter(s) as the adult adoptee’s birth parent(s).



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