Some comments about Mark Gouras by his clients:

“I hired Mark Gouras as my family law attorney in a complicated child custody/domestic violence case. Mark is an amazing attorney and did wonderful in the courtroom to fight for a protection order and parenting plan that would ensure my son’s and my safety. He is a natural in the courtroom and is very professional. He does his research and is extremely well-prepared, knowledgeable, experienced, and organized. I can tell Mark really cares about his clients and he showed kindness and compassion. His paralegal, Morgan is caring and very responsive. She is easy to talk to and she really cares as well. I am so thankful for the outcome in the case, and I couldn’t have done it without his dedication and support. I believe Mark is the best attorney out there! I highly recommend him!”

— Danielle

“Mark has represented me through my divorce, and subsequent hearings and custody battles. I was very thorough in reviewing who I could rely on to support the best interests of my family when initially searching for a Lawyer in my divorce. After meeting with several, I was confident Mark would be someone who would go above and beyond to achieve desired results. Mark is an expert at positioning his clients for success and provides thoughtful direction in being proactive while going through the process. TAKE HIS ADVICE. Mark navigated the divorce process while setting realistic expectations…which he by far exceeded. Post divorce, Mark has been more than an advocate, but helped me through a very complicated custody battle. I assure you, divorce is not always the end of your challenges, you will likely face more on the other side….. and you want an expert that will support you. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. I owe the success of my situation to his guidance and representation.”

— Anon.

“He really explained things and what I would realistically be looking at. We designed a plan I felt would grow with my infant into the teenage years. His demeanor was very relaxed and he remained calm while I was stressed, which helped me relax. I felt his knowledge and confidence really alleviated my fears in the whole process.”

— Monika

“I don’t really know where to start when it comes to Mark. I have had one of the worst cases when it comes to my sons father. My ex is very much a sociopath and this time around, when I realized it was time to take him back to court, I knew I needed a fighter. I knew I needed someone with experience with dealing with a person that will not be factual and my ex is very much that – a lot of words of “this is why I need to get away with things” rather than trying to do the right thing. Mark is strategic, compassionate, and reasonable. When you ask something that he knows is not right, he explains exactly why. He comes with a plan – but, thats not the biggest and greatest thing about him. He DELIVERS the plan. He succeeds. I was so nervous, shaking and convinced once again my sons father would win with his vile words. Nope. Mark stuck to the facts and won. Mark is worth EVERY penny. Also, his assistant Morgan is the loveliest gem. They are a match made in heaven during a time you may feel at unease. Hire Mark. I’ll refer him to anyone that will listen if I hear they are going through a rough custody/parenting plan/divorce case. You’ll sleep well when you hire him, I promise.”

— Grace

“I cannot rave enough about Mark. He was knowledgeable and professional and I trusted his opinion. With so many years of experience, all I wanted was honesty within the process. Mark knew the laws in each county and was able to talk through similar cases and asked probing questions to see exactly where I had options. His paralegal Morgan was so responsive and professional. I cannot thank this dream team enough! They are worth every penny and more. Thank you so much!”

— Krystal

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